Sandwith Ventures works closely with entrepreneurs to build a solid foundation for company success. SV looks to work closely with all portfolio companies as an investor, advisor and consultant in all aspects of business structuring and growth. Sandwith Ventures' initial investment is usually in the seed round, with additional investments in follow on capital raisings. SV invests in three focused areas where value can be added:

Retail and Consumer

Sandwith Ventures believes that there will be continued migration to e-commerce from bricks and mortar retail and that technology enabled customer acquisition strategies will continue to provide the catalyst for growth in this sector.

Internet Marketplaces

Good marketplaces, by their nature, provide value to both the buyer and the seller of the product. With value creation comes the ability to monetize, which in the case of many marketplaces can come from both the buyer and the seller. This clear path to revenue makes this a very attractive area of focus for Sandwith Ventures.

Online Advertising and Marketing Services

With the growth in online businesses comes a need for more efficient platforms for advertising and marketing. Sandwith Ventures focus in this area centers around companies that can improve marketing efficiency in getting potential customers to a website as well as technologies that can increase the conversion of potential customers once at a website.


Sandwith Ventures most significant involvement is with entrepreneurs and early stage companies from company formation to the first raise of institutional capital. Due to an experience base in Sales and Business Development at high growth companies, SV works with companies on all aspects of monetization, customer acquisition, distribution, organizational strategy and operations. Once a company has reached a point of 20+ employees and greater than $5MM in aggregate venture capital raised, the role of Sandwith Ventures greatly diminishes.